Woodend through the year.

Spring bursts into life, beech leaves like emerald green tissue paper unfurl, the old Eurpoean Larches come into flower. As you turn into the drive the Beeches create an emerald cathedral, with the seedlings like little ballerinas pirouetting underneath. The Yellow Alealeas scent the air, the Rhodendrons tower above the house on the bank. The birds come to life, singing from the tops of the wild Gean and the Acers in the garden. Freantically planting the veg garden in the hope that it will all grow! Seedlignsi n the greenhouse. and this year a sowing of a wildflower meadow to attract bees and butterflies. Wildflowers spring up on the river banks.

Summer comes, warm breezes and the bees at the height of their productive year, gathering pollen from everywhere. Long afternoons and evenings to sit out on the river bank, have picnics outside. Down at the Fishing hut beside the Moral Pool, fishing late on into the night, BBQ going, the quiet murmer of voices fishing in the dark. The splash of otters in the early morning sometimes in the pool, not ideal for fishing but a beautiful sight. Veg from the garden.

Autumn and Woodend puts on a new spectacular dress, the gold of the birch trees scarletts of the acer and rowans, help this place sing. There is a lot of garden tidying to do, and preparation for the winter to come, bulbs to plant for the spring and the certainty that it will all begin again.

Then the Winter comes, with the gales and sleet,the Frozen hoar frost of winter transforms the trees into glistening sparkling twigs twinkling in the sunlight of a clear day. Deep snow when it comes transforms this place into a kind of Narnia, muffled and quiet. The River Dee flows past, ice at the edges and ghrue forming in the flow.

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