The River Dee and Woodend, September 2018

11 Named Pools - all different in character.

You have to experience fishing at Woodend to appreciate how special a beat it is. Secluded, private, and one of the Dee beats which can genuinely claim to fish in all water heights.

The considerable fall of the river between the Garden and Boat Hole pools gives marvellous streamy water at low levels, and when the river rises then perhaps the Long pool - fished off the bank - is one of the most enjoyable casts on the river.   

There are 11 named pools at Woodend, all different in character. Wading in general is not too difficult and at certain heights not even necessary.  We recommend every fisher wears a lifejacket.

The Moral pool is the jewel in Woodend’s crown and has been described by the famous fisher and author – John Ashley cooper – as one of the best pools on the river.  It fishes in all water heights and will have resident fish everyday of the season.  It has a lovely shingle bottom so is particularly easy wading and no trees or bushes to catch on the back cast therefore perfect for learning.

The Moral hut is reached by a track that runs the length of the beat and is furnished with a wood burning stove, gas ring, gas BBQ and is the ideal spot for picnics and barbecues or just a lovely place to relax and unwind.  Always a chance to spot an otter or an osprey.

Fishing should be booked at the FishPal website.

If you would like to book the four person self catering Garden Cottage or if you would like to stay in Woodend House please contact Miranda. You can find out more about our accommodation options here.

There is a secure rod room for storage of rods and tackle at the back of Woodend House.

‘...some of the best fishing I have experienced...’

Guest review, July 2018

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